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"Deepening" your practice may not be enough...

Hi friends,

Yesterday, as I walked out of a Total Body Strength class and right into a session with my Intuitive Guide, I had a surprising realization: since closing Yogaleena, my yoga practice has become a lot more interesting!

When I had the studio, I felt like I was always walking a fine line between being too woo-woo or too fitness-y. I was worried I’d scare people off if I added chanting at the end of class, and I was worried people wouldn’t take the studio or my teaching seriously if I added a “shake your asana” flow to pop music. So I stuck to a handful of practices that I believed were on-brand…and held on to lots of opinions about everything else:)

These days, without any pressure to fit my practice into a box and no reason to judge what any other business is doing, I have given myself permission to try anything and everything that sounds intriguing and fun - wether its fitness-forward or on the witchy end of the spectrum.

And you know what? I feel like I have grown so much, as a student of yoga, a yoga teacher, and a human through this approach. Practicing in this unrestricted way, where a sweaty dance class totally counts as a spiritual encounter with the Divine (and I can even say the word Divine without worrying about what people might think), feels much more expansive, joyful, and authentic to me. And working with Anna (energy healer/bodyworker) and Sandra (intuitive/energy guide), both of whom I affectionately refer to as my “witchy ladies,” has made a a HUGE difference in my life.

Word on the street (at least in yoga circles) is we should all aim to DEEPEN our practice. Nothing wrong with that, but now I’m starting to see the incredible value of also BROADENING your practice. Of expanding your concept of what a yoga practice can look like and trying out a bunch of different things before forming any opinions on what qualifies as yoga. Of exploring, experiencing, and deciding for yourself what actually moves you forward in your spiritual journey instead of sticking to what a specific yoga studio, yoga teacher or Baron Baptiste says should make you more peaceful, happy, grateful, holy, etc.

Now I want to hear from you - what does your yoga practice look like? Do you prefer to stick to one thing and do it consistently? Or do you find a variety of practices intriguing? How do you decide if a certain practice is working for you? Would you be interested in guidance on other practices to explore?



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