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HERE might be just as good as THERE

What my wiser, higher Self could see...

Hello lovely friends! This week I tried a really cool meditation where we were asked to first identify with our human selves at a particular place/time on our journey, and then see our lives from the much wider perspective of our higher, wiser Selves.

Here’s what came up for me:

I saw myself on an island, resting on the shore of one of those gorgeous beaches you see on travel agency commercials. My feet were in crystal clear water, my skin warm from the sun, my mind fully at ease and at peace. I turned my head and saw a jungle behind me - a dark patch of wilderness so thick that it was impossible to see beyond it.

I noticed the desire to leave my perfectly comfortable and wonderful spot on the beach to trek through to the other side of the island. I just knew that whatever I would find there would be better than here.

Before I had a chance to explore, we were asked to become the Witness, to view the situation from the perspective of the higher Self. And as I zoomed way out, I got a glimpse of what I had been willing to sacrifice my little slice of heaven for.

It was an exact replica of the beach I was already sitting on. Nothing more, nothing less.

You guys, this was so insightful for me! I have lived so much of my life thinking that something out there has got to be better than here. That in order to really get the most out of my life, I have to take the most difficult path forward. That staying where I am, no matter how glorious, is a form of “settling” for less than my potential.

And what a crock of sh*t that is. We don’t have to climb every mountain or get through every jungle to justify a life well lived. We will inevitable face plenty of challenges on this journey - no need to go looking for more. And when we do find our beach, the best thing we can do is take a seat, dig our toes in the sand, and ENJOY. xo Carolina

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