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The value of UNLEARNING

What I've had to UNLEARN in Ayurveda School

Hi friends,

I am 8 months into my Ayurveda Health Coach Training through Shakti School and thus far, it has been everything I wanted… nothing I expected.

I've always enjoyed being a student, and been one pretty successfully for many years of my life. So I thought I knew what I was getting myself into with this course: listen to lectures, take meticulous notes, memorize some stuff, get a degree/certification validating my knowledge, move on to the next thing.

Well....I've been doing quite the opposite in Shakti School.

Turns out, the principles of Ayurveda are pretty simple, but they are radically different than what most of us have been taught. Ayurveda is a deeply intuitive science, and I came into this way too full of facts, opinions, and "knowledge" for my intuition to even get a word in! So the challenge for me has not been to grasp these new concepts, but to let got of the old ones. Which means I've spent most of my energy UNLEARNING!

One of the areas in which I had to do a TON of unlearning was my understanding of food. I think I’ve shared this with y’all before but I had a very twisted relationship with food throughout my 20s. I saw it as a necessary evil, and something I was constantly at war with my own body about.

Ayurveda views food as the most profound source of medicine and values the Why, How, and When over the What when it comes to diet. Through this lens, it is actually better for you to eat grandma’s home-made full-fat quiche at her fancy dinner table than a cold kale salad and cold pressed juice on the go between 2 stressful meetings.

I know, it's crazy!


In more ways than I can count, 20 year old me had it all backwards. Ironically, at the point in my life when I was most obsessed with diet and exercise, I was also the most unhealthy…and most unhappy. Ayurveda is the only science/framework/whatever you want to call it that has been able to explain why - and I feel a divinely-inspired calling to share these teachings with y’all. Seriously!

I will be leading a 4-part series on food & nutrition based on the Ayurvedic principles that have been rocking my world....all in preparation for a week-long Ayurvedic Cleanse! I’d love for you to come unlearn the patterns and habits around food that may not be serving you at this time in your life, and discover new ways to feel fully nourished - mind, body, and soul.

Wishing you a beautiful, fun-and-rest-filled weekend! Carolina

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